Website Design & Development

Alex Board Photography

The Challenge

Alex Board is a freelance photographer with a reputation for taking photos which are stunningly composed and tell a story. His clients include worldwide folk sensations Mumford & Sons, the Royal Navy, Clare Maguire, and British Olympic hopeful Chris Russell. He challenged Swerve to produce a simple, minimal site that would let his photographs speak for themselves.

The Execution

Working strategically and creatively alongside Alex, we developed a concept to engage and excite potential clients. In order to maximise the impact of his photos we created a minimalist design centred around fullscreen imagery. Functional website elements, such as navigation buttons, were minimised and programmed to appear only when required.

The Solution

The website has provided a platform from which Alex has been able to launch his business. The seamless process for updating site content has allowed him to easily integrate his latest work and the site has been praised by numerous potential and existing customers. Alex is so pleased with the site that he is confident that anyone visiting will place a booking.

Project Features

  • Minimalist design
  • Full screen imagery
  • Functional website elements appear only when required
  • Seamless and intuitive content management system
  • Clear, simple user navigation

“Swerve Concepts were good fun and easy to work with and their guidance was invaluable in bringing my ideas to reality. The site has helped me to stand out in a crowded market and has been vital in helping my business to grow.”

Alex Board - Professional Photographer